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"Do you want me to use the same florist?"

The personal edge of Artificial Intelligence:

Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition leverage computer power to make using  computer applications as intuitive as talking to or texting a person

The core technologies that allow talking and texting with computers using human language have matured to the point that their use is increasing exponentially. Large companies are investing in making this new “Conversational User Interface” a major supplement or competitor to the ubiquitous Graphical User Interface (as more complex applications and the smaller screens of smartphones make it increasingly frustrating to use). Applications include controlling apps, web search, customer service, technical support, control of connected hardware, and more. “Just say or type what you want” is becoming a major alternative to searching menus and long sequences of clicking.


The Conversational Interaction Conference is a resource to help your company be an effective part of this trend. Hear from the companies providing portals, tools, and platforms that allow rapid deployment of conversational systems. Hear case studies from companies that have deployed conversational systems successfully. Learn options and best practices from experts in the field, delivering advice clearly and simply.


The CI Conference is organized by the Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS), a non-profit industry organization that has supported the practical use of language technology for more than three decades.

"I need to send

some flowers"

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Major trends driving the adoption of conversational interaction

See the Trends web page for elaboration

  • Exponentially increasing computer processing power

  • Strains on the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • No manual required

  • Machine learning

  • Digital personal assistants

  • Automating customer service

  • Chatbots

  • Making employees more efficient

  • Natural language understanding

  • Speech recognition

  • Speech synthesis

  • Dialog

  • Analyzing unstructured text or voice files



  • The CI Conference delivers top speakers with content you need to know.

  • The intimate atmosphere encourages conversations and connections, with informal contact with speakers and other attendees part of the conference’s goal.

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