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Do your customers want to 

  • Speak to an automated assistant who understands their questions and asks helpful questions?

  • Have the option to text or speak to your chatbot depending on where they are?

  • Reach you using Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice portals?

Do you need to

  • Make your contact center more efficient with automated spoken interaction?

  • Increase customer satisfaction with a friendly digital assistant to represent your company?

  • Unify the many ways customers reach you to provide a seamless experience?

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Is it time to

  • Add modalities: voice, speech, video and images?

  • Add channels to meet your customers were they are?

  • Use Generative AI like ChatGPT to bring your automated customer communication to a new level?

Then—This conference will help!

Hear experts in building such solutions and companies sharing their experience, understand the state of conversational technology, and get insights into how conversational technologies will evolve.

Conversational Interaction: Connecting with Computers using speech or text

Conversational Interaction is a small, elite conference where technology leaders and decision makers can learn about the leading edge of conversational technologies and come away with actionable information.

  • Single track with high quality presentations

  • Plenty of time for follow up with speakers

  • Group breakfasts, lunches and breaks creating networking opportunities


The Fall 2023 Conversational Interaction conference will bring in people who can provide analysis and information to address this major innovation in user interface technology:

  • Advances in speech recognition support interacting by voice

  • Advances in natural language processing support interacting by text and chatbots

  • Digital assistants and personalizing automated interactions


Providing answers!  New generative AI models like ChatGPT with billions of parameters produce answers that are

  • Fluent

  • Contextually relevant

  • Rich in world knowledge

Learn about the basics and the options to figure out what’s right for you.


CI 2023 will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of AVIOS sponsored conferences on voice interaction systems.  Learn about the history as the conference name changed from from Advanced Voice Input Output to Voice Search to Mobile Voice to Conversational Interaction, reflecting both advances in the technology and changes in the market. Watch the announcements for more details.

Conference Organizers

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