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Connecting people and computers through human language

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Benefits of sponsoring the conference


Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology—interpreting speech or text—is one of the most dynamic and rapidly developing areas of Artificial Intelligence. One key trend, for example, is “digital assistants” that converse with customers or employees to ease use of digital systems and services. A conversational platform using NLU allows a close intuitive connection with users, minimizing frustration and allowing efficient automation of many tasks. NLU technology also allows effective analysis of unstructured text or speech data.


The Conversational Interaction Conference emphasizes delivering usable insights on

  • The state of NLU, speech recognition, and speech synthesis technology available for commercial use

  • Tools and services that help companies use conversational technology

  • Building digital assistants and chatbots

  • Delivering conversational customers service in call centers

  • Developing conversational chatbots for web sites and apps

  • Case studies of deployments

  • Best practices for successful use of NLU technology

  • Speech and text analytics for insights into unstructured data

  • Creating a flexible conversation, rather than an overly structured and non-intuitive challenge.

Companies need help doing this. This conference discusses how they can get that help.

If you can help them, let them know by being a sponsor!

Get full value by signing up early and getting the value of publicity leading up to the conference, as well as high visibility at the conference itself, including talks if qualified proposals are received early. (With only one track and two days, talks won’t get lost in an overlarge program!) Get publicity when the web site is visited before and for a period after the conference. (We'll have updated content that attracts visitors.) Get credit in most email blasts and all press releases. And, of course, you will be a major presence at the conference itself.



Peggie Johnson ( for detailed sponsorship benefits and options and prices.

Three levels of Sponsorship:

Gold, Silver, and Supporting

Both Gold and Silver include:

Publicity before the conference

  • Prominent display on home page of conference web site, with link to company web site

  • Prominent credit in most email promotions of the conference, with links to your web site

  • Clearly connecting your company to this major trend

Publicity during the conference

  • Listed by category in sign at conference registration desk

  • Prominently displayed by category in conference program

  • Thanks in conference welcome address, with slide including logos

  • At least one talk during the conference, if desired

  • Brochures or flyers at registration desk for attendees to take

  • Display of logos by sponsorship category in Tuesday reception after the talks

Contact information for attendees

  • Email addresses of attendees and speakers provided after the conference

Free full conference attendance

  • For speakers, panel participants, and one additional company representative

Links to a relevant article you provide

  • A link to a relevant article or white paper you provide on For More Information page of the conference web site.

Additional benefits of Gold level:

Publicity before and during the conference

  • More prominent placement than Silver sponsors on web site and email promotions

  • Inclusion of a company representative in a keynote panel (in addition to a talk in other sessions)

Credited as sponsor of the reception at the end of the first conference day

Free full conference attendance

  • For speakers, panel participants, and two additional company representatives (one more than Silver level)

Links to relevant articles you provide

  • A link to two relevant articles or white papers you provide on For More Information page of the conference


Supporting sponsors

Supporting sponsors logos are listed on the web site with links to company web sites as supporting sponsors and listed on signs and in the conference program at the conference. The intent is to provide a lower-cost alternative for companies that want to be clearly identified with this trend.


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