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Conversational Interaction  creates conversation!

See review of Conversational Interaction 2020 here


Attendees comment on the March 2019 Show:

I thought the conference was very well organized and the content was extremely informative. I liked the balance between larger research organizations (e.g. IBM, google, Amazon, Intel) and small companies. Many good examples of chatbots and converstional UI already in use. Good coverage of a wide range of applications, from social-public service to commercial, agricultural, and so on. Several enterprise-type chatbots for us from Oracle to consider. Great perspectives from Bill and the various NLU and technical people on what works, what the trends are. Very interesting additional information on internationalization, hearing of the digital assistants, and other factors that can make or break your implementation. I went to about 30 presentations over the two days. It's very convenient to have the meals right there so you don't waste time going out. I met a number of people I will be following up with.


Thanks so much for the inviting me to this conference. It was very beneficial for me at this very early stage in this new domain and I must admit that it was total quality time spent. It not only expanded my horizon to the incredible landscape of voice AI, but also provided a marvelous opportunity to network with a community of very like-minded pioneers who are passionate to reshaping the world with the fascinating technologies of voice, dialog, conversation etc. I am leaving back to Atlanta inspired and hope to come back next year with my own set of quality findings that I can share with this community.


I very much appreciate the opportunity to speak. It was a great event with great content, and quality company and people in the space – a time well spent.


Thank you, we very much appreciated the opportunity and the quality of the conference.


Thanks for the opportunity! I enjoyed the interesting discussions and already been approached by few of the participants in our panel.   Look forward to continue and cooperate in the future!


I found the conference to be very informative and useful.  I really enjoyed it!!


Thank you for arranging and hosting a great conference. This was my first time attending and I found it to be very interactive and educational; I look forward to next year!


The conference was much better than I expected.  The knowledge shared will help me to improve a lot of my work.


The conference was very well organized and I personally enjoyed the whole experience. I made a handful of good contacts that I hope will convert into business opportunities.


It was a privilege to be a part of the conference! The conference was very well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions that happened both in the rooms, and outside! I especially appreciated the diversity in topics, the inclusion of case studies and the diverse mix of academia and industry professionals. I have learned a ton from all the incredible people at the conference and can’t wait to exercise those learnings in my work!

Talks from some true experts - I heard answers to some questions which are critical to design approaches for new and emerging conversational interfaces.


This was truly a great conference, attended by some very special/intelligent people in the industry.  Great atmosphere for networking and everyone I spoke to who came for learning got what they came for.


I go to a lot of conferences, and I can truthfully say that this one was much more interesting and collegial than average!


I enjoyed catching up with former friends in the industry and made some great new connections.


I learned a lot and had some great conversations throughout the event. 


Our experience at the CI conference just keeps getting better.

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