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Are you a…

  • Technology executive with responsibility for strategic decisions that affect the future of your company

  • Technology expert that wants to see options in creating natural language interfaces

  • Marketing exec or expert that wants to understand what works in this user interface trend

  • Customer service expert or executive that wants to understand new options and effective ways of delivering them

  • Developer that wants to be part of the conversational interface trend

  • Designer that wants to help create effective user interfaces

  • Creative talent that wants to deliver interactive entertainment

  • Advertising executive that wants to understand a new option in advertising to truly engage the customer.

Understand the trend of computer processing handling human language

The core technologies of speech recognition and Natural Language Processing have advanced well beyond the “tipping point” of utility to a major change in areas such as the user interface. Dealing with computers by speaking or typing in human language avoids the growing issue of the complexity of applications no longer served well by an over-burdened Graphical User Interface, particularly on smartphones.


This trend is fundamental. Every company must eventually provide a digital assistant for their customers in customer service and marketing. That close connection will be as necessary as a company web site is today.

Customer service--the most practical and impactful aspect of an “AI Strategy”

You have probably heard that every company needs an “Artificial Intelligence Strategy.” The automation of customer service using human language is one of the safest and best-developed option to be part of such a strategy. The many deployments of such automation and the many vendors supporting tools and services for such deployments make it the safest and most impactful part of an AI Strategy.


Quality talks

The CI Conference has established a reputation for the quality of its talks, with only two tracks emphasizing unique content rather than repetition.


Quality networking

Attendees comments on the quality of the conference talks, guests and networking opportunities suggest the conference’s value and reputation. It’s a smaller and more intimate conference than the giants with their overwhelming exhibit halls and sales focus.

A trend you want to be part of

  • Conversations with computers--natural language interaction by text and voice with digital systems--is becoming a key part of the Artificial Intelligence explosion

  • Bots, virtual agents, and digital assistants becoming a growing necessity for interacting with customers

  • Customer service is becoming omni-channel, and conversational interaction is becoming the easiest way to unify and maintain the customer experience across channels

  • The Graphical User Interface is getting over-burdened as devices, features, and apps keep growing; the Language User Interface and conversation interaction is the next major advance in user interfaces

  • Analysis of the implications hidden in “big data”—unstructured voice, video, and text data—is now possible with natural language tools.

  • A conversational interface is a way to stand above the crowd!

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