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The major AI trend of conversing with computers

in human language through text or voice

and analyzing unstructured voice or text databases


Computers can now deal with human language—speech or text. Recent advances in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology have passed the “tipping point” allowing rapid improvement in the core technology and applications. ​NLU allows automated conversations with customers or employees to deliver information or take action. It can improve customer service, marketing, employee efficiency, and more. NLU technology can also analyze unstructured voice, video, or text files to provide deep insights.

The Conversational Interaction Conference emphasizes delivering usable insights on

  •  The state of the underlying NLU and speech recognition technology available for commercial use

  •  Tools and services that help companies use conversational technology

  •  Case studies of deployments

  •  Best practices for successful use of NLU technology

The CI Conference is known for delivering exciting and useful insights, friendly networking, and high-quality talks.



Business Insights

  • The analysis required to support conversational interaction provides insights into what customers and employees want and need

Delivering customer service using natural language

  • Natural language speech interaction in call centers (“How can we help you?”)

  • Chatbots on web sites

  • Apps on smartphones

  • Speech interaction though general personal assistants

  • “Skills” and “actions” through home devices

  • Bots within messaging applications

  • Speech interaction though general personal assistants

  • Digital assistants helping agents help customers

  • Text analytics on unstructured internal documents to provide answers

Make your employees more efficient!

  • Intuitive interaction with enterprise software to increase usage

  • Hands-free interaction where important (e.g., sales and production)

  • Digital assistants to answer questions in collaboration applications

  • Digital assistants that organize meetings

Dig into that data

  • Use natural language processing and speech recognition on “big data”

  • Extract the implications of unstructured speech, video, and text data

Understand what works (and what doesn’t)

  • Case studies

  • How companies are using conversational interaction

  • Best practices

Make your branded digital assistant available           everywhere

  • Marketing and sales with the equivalent of a web site            that moves with your customer

  • Direct action on a customer request

  • Interactive advertising bots can engage a customer and        build loyalty

Make your application easy to find and use

  • Use a natural language interface, text and/or speech

  • Let a customer reach your company texting you through a messaging service

  • Let a customer reach your company by asking for it through a general personal assistant


  • The CI Conference delivers top speakers with content you need to know.

  • The intimate atmosphere encourages conversations and connections, with informal contact with speakers and other attendees part of the conference’s goal.

Conference Organizers

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