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In the Heart of Silicon Valley


Day 1 - Monday, February 10th

OPENING KEYNOTE: to be announced


  • The state of conversational technology

  • Case studies 1: Experience with deployed conversational systems

  • Conversational customer service and marketing

  • Digital assistants and chatbots: The options

  • Digital Assistants in the Enterprise

  • Innovative speech recognition applications

  • Best Practices in developing conversational systems


  • The voice and personality of your application

  • Advanced features in conversational systems

  • Where AI fits in conversational technology

  • Analyzing natural language data

  • The state of Natural Language Processing technology

  • Building conversational systems that engage users

  • Advances in speech recognition and NLP technology

Day 2 - Tuesday, February 11th

KEYNOTE PANEL: Building a conversational system--What works and what doesn't


  • Digital assistants in customer service

  • Understanding your customer: A key to effective conversational systems

  • Automating customer interaction through multiple channels

  • Case studies 2: Experience with deployed conversational systems

  • Building digital assistants intelligently

  • Case studies 3: Experience with deployed conversational systems


  • Options in developing a conversational assistant

  • Natural language interaction in complex customer service

  • The state of speech recognition technology

  • Natural language tools: A wide range of options

  • Challenges in conversational interaction

  • Creative improvement to the user experience

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