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SAVE THE DATE - Jan 30-31, 2017

In the Heart of Silicon Valley

Interaction with digital devices and applications by text or speech in natural language is becoming increasingly important and increasingly feasible.


The CI Conference will discuss how companies and application developers can take advantage of this trend—including resources for creating bots and digital assistants, delivering customer service in natural language, best practices, examples of deployed solutions, and other commercial opportunities generated by the trend.

Join us in Silicon Valley, January 30-31, 2017!


Are you a…

  • Technology executive with responsibility for strategic decisions that affect the future of your company

  • Technology expert that wants to see options in creating natural language interfaces

  • Developer that wants to be part of the conversational interface trend

  • Designer that wants to help create effective user interfaces

  • Author that wants to deliver interactive entertainment

  • Advertising executive that wants to understand a new option in advertising to truly engage the customer

Then, the focused subject matter of the CI Conference is important to you and your company!

The importance of Artificial Intelligence technology as a trend has been emphasized by influential corporate executives and thoughtful analysts alike. Conversational interfaces are a major part of that trend. The CI Conference if a focused conference that will help companies and individuals understand the resources and knowledge that allow them to embrace the trend. Lead rather than react!

Quality talks

The CI Conference (re-named Mobile Voice Conference) has a reputation for the quality of its talks, with only two tracks emphasizing unique content rather than repetition.

Quality networking

Repeat visits by attendees and comments on the quality of the conference guests and networking opportunities suggest the conference’s value and reputation. It’s a smaller and more intimate conference than the giants with their exhibit halls.

Understand key technology trends

  • Conversations with computers--natural language interaction by text and voice with digital systems--is becoming a key part of the Artificial Intelligence explosion

  • Bots, virtual agents, and digital assistants becoming a growing necessity for interacting with customers

  • Customer service is becoming omni-channel, and conversational interaction is becoming the easiest way to unify and maintain the customer experience across channels

  • The Graphical User Interface is getting over-burdened as devices, features, and apps keep growing; the Language User Interface and conversation interaction is the next major advance in user interfaces

  • A conversational interface is a way to stand above the crowd!


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Sunil Vemuri, Product Manager for Google Assistant

Sunil Vemuri is a Product Manager for Google Assistant. Sunil is responsible for building the platform and enabling partner integrations with Actions. Prior to Google, he built and oversaw speech, mobile, and context-aware products and innovations at reQall, Apple, France Telecom, and MIT. He holds a Ph.D. from the MIT Media Lab for his work on an audio-based personal memory assistant.

Dr. Lisa N. Michaud is a Data Architect at Aspect Software 

Lisa has been centrally involved in the integration of natural language processing components into Aspect’s product suite for customer engagement and has been a shepherd for projects developing Interactive Text Response (chatbot) portals for customer self-service. She holds a PhD in Computer Science and has more than 20 years of experience researching, publishing, and presenting in the fields of Computational Linguistics and User-Adaptive Interaction.

Jay Wilpon, Senior VP, Natural Language Research, Interactions

Jay focuses on technologies to enable the “Interface of Things,” an intelligent and intuitive user experience for interacting with information and services seamlessly across virtually any device at home, on the road or in the office with unprecedented performance.

During his career, Jay has been a leading innovator for a number of industry-defining voice enabled services, including AT&T’s How May I Help You service – the first nationwide deployment of a true human-like spoken language understanding service. 

Dan Bagley, CEO, Cepstral 
Dan Bagley is a tenured, global sales executive. He is the Chairman, investor, and CEO of Cepstral, LLC and the founder of B&B Management Labs, LLC.  Dan is a former US Navy Nuclear Power instructor, serving aboard fast attack submarines.  He has held Vice President of Sales and/or Marketing Positions with General Signal Pump Group, Robert Bosch Fluid Power, and Sophus Berendsen USA.


Dan Bagley, CEO, Cepstral 

Rob Chambers, Speech and Audio Platform Engineering Manager, Windows Devices Group, Microsoft            

William Meisel, President, TMA Associates; Editor, LUI News (on the Language User Interface)

Dr. Lisa N. Michaud, Data Architect, Aspect Software 

Raj Tumuluri, Principal, Openstream

Sunil Vemuri, Product Manager for Google Assistant

Jay Wilpon, Senior VP, Natural Language Research, Interactions

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